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I Get IT!

Visualize, Connect & Succeed


Did You Know? 

"The joy of learning is as indispensable in study as breathing is in running."

 - Simone Weil 

My name is Olga.

   I‘m a mother, an educator, successful swimming instructor for kids and adults, a professional photographer (NewYork Institute of Art and Design), a visual arts and photography teacher, a licensed visitation monitor for kids who's parents are navigating a divorce and a world traveler. When I was growing up I always had more fun learning, if I was able to use my imagination and visually associate things - such as numbers, smells and sounds with pictures. I noticed that my own children connected so much easier with the world by association through visualization.

   My methods incorporate teaching pre- and elementary school kids in private lessons on how to use the gift of observation and visualization to read, count, do math, solve logic problems and learn fun facts about science and our planet. 

As a successful photographer for over 20 years, I worked extensively on observing, understanding, capturing the moment and creating a lasting impression that tells a story. 

In working with your child I guide them to use their amazing ability to imagine, visualize and connect associations to generate a lasting memory imprint!

Time and time again I see how a basic visual building block allows the kids to memorize, connect, succeed and perform skills beyond the requirements for their age group. 

That is what I live for...

it puts a smile on my face to see your child playfully visualizing, associating, imaging and succeeding while having fun. 

Please give me a call if you would like to hear more...


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